SSL 3 Varberg 2019

August 3-4, 2019

This is the third competition which will be a part of the Swedish Speedcubing League 2019. The competition will be held on the 3-4 of August in Tofta, Varberg. More information about the competition can be found below.

General Information

  • Events: 2x2-7x7, 3x3 OH, 3x3 FMC, 3x3-5x5 BLD, Pyraminx, Skewb, 3x3 Multi-Blind
  • Date: August 3-4, 2019
  • City: Tofta (Varberg), Sweden
  • Venue: Tofta Bygdegård
  • Details: Main events in the big hall to the right, side events in the small room to the left.
  • Adress: Bygdegårdsvägen 2, 432 95 Varberg, Sverige
  • Organisers: Daniel Wallin
  • WCA Delegate: Daniel Wallin and Anders Berggren
  • Entry fee: 100 SEK
  • Contact: See

Registration and Payment

Registration: Registration is made through the WCA website which can be found here: There is a limit of competitors which has been set to 80 due to venue constraints. Registration will close on the 31st of August but might fill up quicker than that. Then, all further registrations will be placed on a waiting list. When someone contact us and tells that they will not be able to compete, the first person who has completed the registration will be notified.

Payment: The entry fee is set to 100 SEK. This fee must be transferred in advance by all competitors. We will use the WCA payment system so payments and registration will happen on the same page. Your regisration will not be accepted before we have recieved the entry fee. If payment through the WCA payment system isn´t possible, please contact the organisation team using the contact information found on this page.

Accomodation and Food

Accomodation: Information about floor accomodation will be added here shortly.

Apart from floor accomodation, there are many hotels and hostels available in Varberg city center, 9-10 kilometers from the venue. The competition schedule has been adjusted to make it slightly easier to commute using the local train from Varberg station to Tofta. So if you don´t fancy sleeping on the floor of the venue, you can likely also check Varberg city options which might suite you better.

Food: You should propably prepare yourself more than usual for this competition, as there aren´t any restaurants or supermarkets in Tofta. The closest restaurants are Burger King and McDonalds 2,1 kilometers from the venue. Here, you will also find a CircleK gas station were you will find a very limited selection of food to buy. We will have access to a full kitchen at the venue, where you can both store and cook simple food. The closest regular supermarkets are located 7-8 kilometers from the venue, and therefore only accessible by car. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact the organiser.


By Car: The address of the venue is Bygdegårdsvägen 2, 432 95 Varberg, which is very close to the E6 highway. Parking is available right by the venue for free.

By Train: The venue is located 900 meters from Tofta station, served by local trains going between Varberg and Borås. Competitors travelling by train to Tofta will most likely change trains at Varberg station, about 8 minutes down the line from Tofta. Train tickets can be booked at For travel advice including all types of transport in Sweden, you can also check


The preliminary schedule for the competion can be found here:

New Competitors

If this is your first competition, welcome! There should not be much to worry about at all, but if you want to understand the competition procedure before the competition, feel free to watch this short video which explains it in a very clear way. Video: This document is also a good read since it shows most of the things which a competitor needs to know: The procedure may vary from competition to competition but we will cover those things at the competition during the competitor tutorials before 2x2 on Saturday.


The Swedish Speedcubing League 2019 is sponsored by Cuboss! Cuboss is a swedish online store selling speedcubes and other related products. Cuboss will sponsor with gift-cards to be used their shop for to the highest ranked competitors in the different SSL categories.


If you have any further questions about the competition, feel free to contact the organisers thorugh email.

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