SSL 2 Stockholm 2017

April 8-9, 2017

This is the second competition which will be a part of the Swedish Speedcubing League 2017.  The competition will be held on the 8-9 of April in Nacka, Stockholm. More information about the competition can be found below.

Important information

General Information

  • Events: 2x2-7x7, 3x3 OH, 3x3 FMC, Pyraminx, Skewb, 3x3-5x5 BLD, 3x3 Multi-Blind.
  • Date: April 8-9, 2017
  • City: Nacka, Stockholm
  • Venue: Nacka Gymnasium
  • Details: The main hall will be the school dining hall of Nacka Gymnasium. Long events will be held in a side-room close to the main hall. 
  • Adress: Griffelvägen 17, 131 40, Nacka
  • Organizers: Timothy Edegran Gren and Daniel Wallin
  • WCA Delegate: Anders Berggren
  • Entry fee: 150 SEK
  • Contact:

Registration and Payment

Registration is made through the competitions WCA website which can be found here: There is a limit of competitors which has been set to 130 due to venue constraints. Registration will close latest on the 31st of March, or when the competitor limit is reached. Then, all further registrations will be placed on a waiting list. When the waiting list is filled with 20 people, the registration for this list will be closed as well. When someone contact us and tells that they will not have the possibilty to compete, the first person will be notified. They will then have to transfer the entry fee so that their registration can be accepted.

The entry fee is set to 150 SEK. This fee must be transferred in advance by swedish competitors. Your registration will not be accepted before we have recieved this payment. Non-swedish competitors may pay the registration fee at the competition venue.

Payment is preferably made through swish to the following number: 0706381876. There is also a possibility to pay through bank transfer. Contact the following mobile number for details: 0706381876

Accomodation and Food

If we find a hotel willing to give cubers and relatives a discount during the weekend, we will let you know here.

The shopping mall Nacka Forum is a 10 minute walk away from the venue. There, many restaurants and supermarkets can be found. A cafeteria will not be held open during the competition. Competitors and relatives searching for food and drinks should instead head for Nacka Forum. 


Adress: Griffelvägen 17, 131 40, Nacka.

Car: The venue is easy accesible by car. Travel directions can be found thorugh sites such as Google Maps. Link: Car parking is available close to the venue. More information about this will be added soon. 

Train: Stockholm central station is located 25 minutes away from the venue with public transport. Train seats can be booked through

Public Transport: The venue is easy accesible by public transport. Use the underground service to the station called "Slussen". Then catch bus number 402 and jump of at "Nacka Gymnasium". The buses on line 402 runs every 20-30 minutes during weekends. Ticket prices and more information can be found at


The updated time schedule for SSL 2 Stockholm can be found through the following link: 


If you have any further questions about the competition, feel free to contact the organizers thorugh email.

Timothy Edegran Gren (Questions about this particular competition):

Daniel Wallin (Questions about SSL in general):


  • Cuboss will be the cube-shop sponsoŕ of this competition. They will be providing gift-cards to the SSL-champions to be used on in the different categories from the 7525 SEK prize-pool. Gift cards will be handed out during the final competition only. See the Sponsors tab for more information. 
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